• Michigan Chamber of Commerce (2012)
    Evaluation and presentation regarding proposed state financing of Federal Unemployment Compensation Fund deficit.
  • Grow Michigan (2011-2012)

    Start-up consultant in development of private-public economic development private equity mezzanine fund for manufacturing companies based in Michigan, leading to successful first close of $35 million.

  • Consultation for not-for-profit district heat and power provider for university/health care complex in Great Lakes region (2010)
    Financial guidance on fuel conversion and potential facility re-siting.
  • Consultation of energy development company in west Texas (2010)
    Financial consultation for projects related to expansion and development of generating capacity in under-served region.
  • Numerous consultations on current status of municipal market, credit outlook of public sector, and current status outlook for financial guarantee industry (2008-2010)
    Topics include:
    -Municipal finance
    -Municipal marketĀ 
    -Bond Insurance industry outlook
  • Funding of Wind farm development in Nebraska (2009)
    Guidance regarding federal program options to support capital market funding.
  • Management of development of district energy capability in mixed-use re-development projects (2009)
    Development of business plan for co-development of mixed-use commercial real estate development utilizing alternative energy technology to create first Green Industry Park.
  • Due diligence regarding potential acquisition of publicly traded financial guarantee company by international commercial bank (2000)