In order to provide tailored solutions to our clients, we often collaborate with firms of complimentary skills and focus. Collectively we are able to serve our clients effectively and efficiently while providing a broader perspective than we could individually. Our affiliates include:

Economic Innovation International, founded in 1970, is internationally recognized for building more than $150 billion of privately capitalized innovative institutions to accomplish public purposes in North America, Europe and Asia. These funds generate measurable wealth and high quality jobs for low-income residents of targeted communities in emerging markets. Belden Hull Daniels, founder and President of Economic Innovation, is an attorney and former international banker who taught economic development and development finance for many years at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Strategic Development Solutions Group (SDS Group) creates innovative business and investment strategies that foster economic opportunity in low-income communities and promote positive environmental impacts. At the investment level, SDS creates and manages Double and Triple Bottom Line private equity funds in the pursuit of market-based social and environmental solutions. At the community level, SDS provides capacity building and funding strategies to nonprofits serving low-income communities.

Lamont Financial Services Corporation is a nationally ranked independent financial advisor specializing in public finance. The sole focus of the firm is to provide financial advisory services to clients, which are primarily states, state agencies, and municipalities.

Unifinancial International, Inc., Robert C. Zimmer, Principal provides comprehensive financing assistance to a wide variety of businesses. Unifinancial is particularly experienced in government grants and loan guarantees

CivilCredit Advisors, LLC is a consultancy focused on infrastructure finance policy and practice in the US and emerging markets. Thomas H. Cochran is CivilCredit’s founder and Managing Director.